March 19, 2015
8:05 pm

Neurdorf Vineyards: Where Wine & Trees Make Magic

We recently had the privilege of working on the trees at one of Nelson’s most beautiful wineries, Neudorf Vineyards.

This beautiful place is well known to many Nelsonians as the location of the annual Winery Tour event and is also a popular tourist destination.

Judy and Tim Finn established the winery in 1978. It was fascinating to hear the full history of each tree, many of which they planted themselves all those years ago.

When Judy and Tim started out they also had a tree nursery. This is the Oak tree that broke the bag and tapped its roots into the fertile land beneath! They decided to let this one stay.

Another original tree, planted when establishing the grounds, was this large Tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera. We lightly thinned and lifted the crown to allow more light through.

This tree’s branch was damaged by a the force of a helicopter’s blades when it landed in the lawn area. It also blew all the flowers away in Judy’s lovely garden. Helicopters are no longer allowed in that area – the things to consider when you own a popular vineyard!

Judy and Tim clearly know and love their trees. It was a privilege to work with them.