December 20, 2014
1:26 am

4 Arborist Secrets To Get The Most From Your Christmas Tree 

Christmas is almost here and I’m sure most of you have your Christmas trees in pride of place by now! If you have opted for a real tree this year, here are Richi’s top tips to get the most from your real Christmas tree:

1. Protect the floor. Place a plastic or other waterproof covering underneath the tree, to avoid potential watermarks or damage. If you have a very large tree or are worried about it tipping over, you could attach the tree stand to a large, flat piece of plywood to broaden the base of the tree, give it stability and further protect the floor.

2. Choose a suitable base/stand. At Nelson Tree Specialists, we use a $1- bucket with rocks in it, to stabilise the tree, then wrap the bucket with tin foil to make it look presentable – a cost effective and aesthetically appealing solution!

3. Water liberally. Live trees need to be replenished with water to keep them fresh and stop the leaves dropping off, in much the same way you need to keep cut flowers in vases of water. The trees tend to absorb more water in the first week or so after being cut.

4. Place the tree away from too much sunlight. Also, television sets and other heat sources will dry out your tree prematurely. If properly cared for your real Christmas tree should last at least 4-6 weeks before drying out and turning brown.

Remember to recycle your tree when it’s time to take it down, your tree will break down faster in the back garden if you chop it up!

What tips do you have for caring for your Christmas tree


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